"You would think that the simple pleasure of being able to sit in the sun is something that we should all be able to enjoy, but that definitely wasn't the case for me. Any time the sun came out, you would find me sitting indoors or in the shade due to the burning rash that would subsequently appear. 5 minutes sun exposure is all it took to make my skin go bright red, start to itch and then burn. Not a pleasant experience I can assure you and my ever so "sympathetic" family all used to call me "the boy in a bubble", got to love family . . . and their humour . . .

Anyway, all I know is that after a few Hypnotherapy / falling asleep sessions with Jean (I fell asleep every time without exception), I was able to step out from the shade and "enjoy" the sun along with everyone else without the rash returning. I no longer dread the SUMMER TIME anymore. I'm able to enjoy the sun and have even been away on holiday a couple of times to Spain would you believe. Yes on a beach in the SUN. Thank you so much Jean. I don't know what you said or did during the sessions but it WORKED and I can't thank you enough. Keep up the great work Jean". Steven D, Rochdale United Kingdom

"I cannot over stress how much Jean Doolin has helped me. I had heard testimonials from best friends about how she had helped them with varying things. One of my best friends had had a chronic case of anxiety. I witnessed this in her for years and I witnessed the amount of effort she put in to managing it and battling it. She went to see Jean and was cured. I'm not kidding. This was concrete enough proof for me so I went to Jean regarding one issue that I had not been able to let go of. It is quite simply the best thing that I have ever done for myself. It's as though that issue which had been plaguing me, never even existed. Now whenever anyone mentions anything from physical to psychological ailments there are a chorus of us who respond with "you've got to go see Jean!". Donna B, Moncton Canada

"I have had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) since I was 13 years old (I am now 50 years old). Jean is the first healer who has actually helped me cure my IBS. She helps you deal with emotional and physical issues in your life in her unique and very caring way. She knows what type of healing you need and can use more than one type per session to get the most benefit out of each session". Charline B, Shediac Canada

"I have had a fear of flying from a young age and this has prevented me from enjoying family holidays anywhere unobtainable by car. I visited Jeans practice and was amazed at the results. One plane ride down and i'm already planning the next! Thank you." F Gray, Rochdale United Kingdom